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In Summary...

Dec 12, 2015


Things are becoming clearer. I wrote a bit last week about my decision to leave Facebook. I’m still exploring what this means, and here’s where I’m at now.

“The most important thing about technology is how it changes people.” – Jaron Lanier

I’ve been thinking a lot about tech in terms of it’s effect on people. Jaron Lanier, in his book You are not a Gadget, talks about the idea of “Lock in” as when a technology becomes so established (ingrained?) that it is impossible to change.

I see we’re in danger of becoming “locked in” to certain ways of thinking about how we operate online, and by leaving Facebook I’m forcing myself to think about alternatives, by necessity. By “opting out” of Facebook’s idea of what it means to be connected online, I’m motivated to think about what I really want and build tools for myself. Hopefully what I build will eventually be useful for others too.

The IndieWeb is a growing movement to build a people-focused alternative to the corporate web.

The predominant business model online now is providing “free” services, locking people in, stealing their data, and selling it to advertisers.

I believe the web can be much more than this. But it means putting people first, rather than seeing them as just “data”. Then we can unlock the power of the web as an open platform for collaboration and cocreation, and use it to inform, to connect, and to empower.