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Darren Mothersele

Software developer who builds simple, creative, and independent technology. Read more »

Creative Coding

I created a programming language for live-coding visuals called Cyril. I also started the London Creative Coding meetup. I create Fractal Art. I also started creating some FFLG Plugins for Resolume.

Web Dev

I work a lot with Elasticsearch, Drupal, PHP, and open-source software. I wrote a book on PHP frameworks. I also work with Typescript (i.e. Javascript ES2015) and Angular 2. So, I guess you'd call me a full stack developer.


Digital technology, PHP, C++, Cyril, Web, Creative Coding, AI, or whatever's on my mind...


Letters to my friends and family...


Blog archive and legacy content going back all the way to 2008. Information is out of date. Code samples probably don't work. My opinions have probably changed. Browse at your own risk.