Hi, I'm Darren Mothersele (or Daz for short).

I'm a creative technologist, web developer, trainer, and open-source evangelist.

A selection of things that I work on every day...

Training and Mentoring for Drupal Developers

Working with agencies and individuals to support and encourage developers to maximise their potential, develop their skills, and become better developers and team members.

CEO & Intern at Ideation Networks

Specialist in maintainable and scalable website development and security issues. Consultancy for Drupal agencies, large Drupal deployments and flagship Drupal websites since 2007.

Inventor of Cyril Programming Language

Live coding visuals and visualisations. Open-source live coding environment, real-time language compiler, and Open-GL 3D run-time system.

Co-founder at Glow Stick Crisp Packet

An open-source arts collective with the mission to encourage and spread creativity, and encourage creative collaboration.

Nice things people have said about me...

Some awesome organisations I've had the pleasure of working with...

Darren Mothersele 🚩 London, UK

Creative Technologist


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