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DrupalCamp London 2015 - Intermediate Drupal Training

Feb 5, 2015


I’m excited to annouce that I’ll be providing training at the DrupalCamp to be held in London at the end of the month. There will be a training day at the camp and it coincides with the Drupal Global Training Days initiative to be held on Friday 27th February. Last year I ran the beginner’s Drupal training, but this year I am going to be providing an intermediate level training.

Course Outline

It’s going to be intensive, so you’ll need a little bit of exposure to Drupal before (or be a very enthusiastic beginner) in order to get the best out of it.

In this training you will learn effective techniques for evaluating the various options Drupal gives you. We look at how to design novel solutions using Drupal’s building blocks, and look at some typical requirements and various ways they can be tackled with Drupal.

This one day training course will provide helpful advice, tips, tricks and best practices for Drupal professionals wanting to work more efficiently and create better websites by truly understanding what’s going on inside Drupal and the most popular contributed modules.

Course format

The material is presented using a combination of lecture/presentation style demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

Who’s it for?

The course is aimed at intermediate site builders (or beginners with a lot of enthusiasm) who want to understand the various options in order to make better architectural decisions when building sites with Drupal. We will not be covering the very basics of getting started with Drupal. You should have configured at least one Drupal site. You do not need advanced programming knowledge to benefit from this training as we will learn how to create advanced features without resorting to code. If you are a developer you will benefit by gaining a greater understanding of how to use Drupal’s configuration and site-building tools to your advantage.

Who’s the trainer?

Darren Mothersele has over 15 years experience developing for the web and created his first web development training programme in 2001 for the Institute for Lifelong Learning at The University of Sheffield. Darren has spent the last 7 years working full-time with Drupal. In this time he’s had the privilege of working on projects for clients such as Paul McCartney, MTV, Victoria & Albert Museum, Elsevier, Dixons, Santander, and consulted on EU-funded research projects P2P Next and Saracen.

What shall I bring?

To make the most out of the day you will require a laptop with a local development environment and a fresh copy of Drupal to work with. Sandbox sites on a cloud server can be provided, but you are encouraged to use a local copy of Drupal so you can continue working should there be any issues with Wifi, and you will be able to keep the demo site after the training.

Acquia provide a Drupal Dev Desktop installer that is a quick and easy way to get up and running with a local Drupal site on your laptop.

If you already have a local development environment, like Vagrant, VirtualBox, MAMP, XAMP, or any other LAMP stack then this will work great as well. If you want to use a sandbox site on a cloud server then please let us know in advance.


The training day costs £50 and lunch will be provided. The trainers have kindly volunteered their time and donated 50-100% of the fee for the day in support of DrupalCamp London.

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