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Sending Base64 Encoded Data via HTTP in C++ using openFrameworks and Poco Net Libraries

Nov 22, 2013


I needed a simple way to submit data to a server using C++, this example shows how you can make use of the Poco libraries provided in openFrameworks to simplify this task.

The process is quite straightforward, if you’ve got your head around how the Poco libraries work. This took a bit of googling, but eventually I came up with a working example.

My first attempt was to add the image (binary) data as a part, thus using a multipart form encoding, but I could not get this to work. Until I’ve worked out how to get multipart form encoding working with Poco::Net::HTMLForm I guess I’ll stick with this.

This code passes the binary data buffer (with the image data in it) to a base64 encoder (also provided in the Poco libraries) and then adds it as a standard form item to the form.

Code is available in this Gist.