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Hackathon at the Horniman Museum and Gardens

Sep 22, 2013


Yesterday I attended a Hackathon at the Horniman Museum and Gardens . The goal of the day was to develop a tailored environmental control system for coral research.

The aquarium at the Horniman museum is doing some important work in the conservation of rare coral. This project was to create an inexpensive system using off-the-shelf components and a bit of hardware hacking to directly replicate the environments cues from Suva, Fiji, to trigger coral spawning here in the UK.

I went along because to see if I could help out and because it seemed like and interesting an worthwhile application of “the internet of things”. The environmental control system is to be controlled via live feeds from Fiji.

During the day I helped with implementation of a framework in PHP that could help generate the various pages of reports and control that the system required. Of course, it was all running on a rasbpi, so the code had to be minimal, and other developers had pushed for simple PHP code.