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TinyLetter #5 - Cyril, Fractals, and a Book

Jun 17, 2016



If this is the first time you’ve received my TinyLetter, welcome! Since the last letter, a couple of people joined (via my website) and I added everyone from my LinkedIn account. Apologies if you don’t want this. Let me know and I’ll remove you, or use the unsubscribe link. No hard feelings. If you’re unsure what this is, check the letter archive on my website. I don’t use Facebook, so this is my way of spamming everyone I know.

I mentioned in the last letter that my contact at MTV was coming to an end. That’s done now, and I’m looking for new opportunities. I’ve been keeping myself busy for the past couple of months. I’ve given a couple of training courses. One about Drupal 7, although with Drupal 8 adoption rising, I’m hoping that will be the last time I’m asked to do a D7 training. I’ve also been doing general PHP trainings, which I’ve written up into a book.

PHP Book

It’s a short guide, intended to be a weekend project, based on teaching modern PHP to Drupal developers. It was originally intended to help developers move from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. I refined the content, rewrote it a few times, and it’s now a basic introduction to modern PHP aimed at all web developers. It’s available from Leanpub.

Cyril at Resonate

I’ve been dedicating some time to the development of Cyril. There’s been a mini spurt of interest in my live-coding language since the Resonate festival in Serbia. Cyril user Dan Hett gave a lecture, and I had chance to demo it to a few new people. Dan gave a great talk about his work, about live-coding in general, and did a live demo of Cyril up on the big screen in the main hall. In response to feedback, I posted a getting started guide, and I have been working on a cross-platform build to get it working on Windows and Linux (yes, it’s OSX only at the moment).

I created a new website for Cyril, and I posted an article “Cyril, The Story So Far…” that explains how I got from mind-reading octopus, to live-coding language for visuals.

Resonate was awesome this year. I learned a lot, and found lots of inspiration. I’ve already bought my ticket for next year!

Fractal #13

I’ve posted up some of my fractal art. This image above is my personal favourite out of all the “discoveries” I’ve made so far. I’ve posted up more creations on my website here, including a couple of failed experiments.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be at Glastonbury this year, but I did find this interesting Philosophy walk around Hampstead Heath, so I think I’ll be doing that next weekend instead.

Thanks for reading, and do let me know what you’re up to,