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My First Front-end London

Jan 29, 2016


Last night I got to attend FEL for the first time. The popular meetup, hosted by Made by Many, celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary last night. I have Calum Ryan, fellow Indiewebber, to thank for sorting me out a ticket.

Calum was up first talking about #indieweb. He summarised the movement well. The talk gave detail of the motivations, principles, and technology. I was happy to learn that Webmention has a first draft of a W3C standard.

It was encouraging to hear this was Calum’s first presentation. A great start, and I hope he continues on this path.

Then Bodil Stokke took us on a tour of generators in ES6. This makes me want to do more Javascript. If only because I have a thing for the world yield. It might be my favourite word. I love all that it implies. For me, in conjures up images of Taoism, effortless action, and the path of least resistance.

Of particular interest was the backwards use of generators as consumers used in monads. We saw generators combined with Promises to write asynchronous code without callbacks. Simply beautiful.

The presentation is online here. I also made a note to check out the Co library.

Wrapping up the trio of speakers for the night was Callum Macrae. With more Ls and more LOLs that the first Calum. He took us on a humorous tour of ES6, under the guise of deprecating jQuery.

We saw how to replace jQuery features with native Javascript. With a polyfil, or transpiling, it seems jQuery does not add anything. Native Javascript winning on features in some cases. Callum also added that the overhead of using Babel is less than including jQuery. So there is no need for jQuery. Unless you want old browser compatibility or are using a library with a dependency on jQuery.

An entertaining and informative night. I’ll definitely be back.