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Everything I know about Drupal in 2 days

Apr 15, 2014


Right now, there is no more efficient way of building sites than using Drupal 7. At its core a stable CMS framework, and with a few solid ‘API’ modules from contrib-land, it offers everything you need to quickly build out functionality required for most websites in a flexible and easily customisable way.

Advanced Drupal site-building, combined with best-practises from the world of front-end design, means you can also easily tame Drupal’s output and create stunning designs. And, with a few UI tweaks to finish it off you can craft luxurious and smart user experiences…

…This is Drupal at it’s best.


Would you like to join me as I cover everything I know about Drupal in 2 days? It’s going to be intensive, so you’ll need a little bit of exposure to Drupal before (or be a very enthusiastic beginner) in order to get the best out of it.

I mentioned that I was doing some training on Twitter, and a couple of people very kindly commented…

OK, so I can’t really cover everything I know about Drupal in just 2 days, but I will cover enough material that I guarantee everyone will get something out of it. Give me 2 days, and I can help you build better Drupal websites! :)

###Current State of the Art

In this training you will learn effective techniques for evaluating the various options Drupal gives you. We look at how to design novel solutions using Drupal’s building blocks, and look at some typical requirements and various ways they can be tackled with Drupal.

The intensive 2 day training course will provide helpful advice, tips, tricks and best practises for any level of Drupal professional wanting to work more efficiently and create better websites by truly understanding what’s going on inside Drupal and the most popular contributed modules.

###Some of the topics covered

###Who’s it for?

This training came about due to encouraging feedback from the introductory course given at Drupal Camp London. The course is aimed at intermediate site-builders (or beginners with a lot of enthusiasm) who want to understand the various options in order to make better architectural decisions when building sites with Drupal.

###Who’s the trainer?

Darren Mothersele has over 15 years experience developing for the web, with the last 7 years spent working full-time on Drupal. He has worked on projects of all sizes, with clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He has given several successful Drupal trainings for London agencies, and has experience creating and giving courses in Commercial Web Development for The Institute for Lifelong Learning at The University of Sheffield.

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