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Web 2.0 in Serbia

Jun 22, 2009


I recently spent an interesting 8 days in Serbia, talking about Web 2.0, Social Software and its use in Youth in Action programmes. I'd never been to Serbia before and I immediately found some "cultural differences". You can see the view I had from my hotel window in the attached photo. Yes, a bomb! Not what I expected to see when staying in a hotel at the top of a mountain in a national park.

Everyone in Serbia seems to smoke. This took a while to get used to. When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by the receptionist sat smoking a cigarette behind the reception desk. The hotel bar, lobby, and restaurant were covered by a cloud of smoke at all times.

In general I found the people in Serbia very friendly and welcoming. It's probably one of the most friendly countries I have visited. Technically they seem very proficient, but with a scary reliance on pirated software - I took every opportunity to present open-source alternatives.

Drupal was met with much excitement and we only touched on the basics of what it could do... hopefully we'll see some new youth projects and more NGOs using Drupal.