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Drupal on the cover of Information Week

Nov 21, 2008


Drupal features on the front cover of this week's Information Week. In their article "Collaboration Is At The Heart Of Open Source Content Management, they make reference to the social components that separates Drupal from the competition:

Drupal was built from the beginning to let site builders include social software components, such as profiles, single and multiuser blogging, and social networks. And Drupal is winning converts. Sony BMG and Warner Bros. use Drupal to create sites for artists on their labels. The Onion, a satirical news site, also runs on Drupal. The New York City School system is using Drupal as part of a massive data-mining effort, letting 80,000 teachers and administrators share ideas on how to use testing and other data to spot lagging student performance and improve teaching.

The article also hints at the problems of using open-source software, such as waiting for updates to modules when the core updates. Drupal 6 is pretty much there now in terms of support from required modules, but it's been really slow. Hopefully this improves in Drupal 7 and future versions as more functionality moves into the core rather than relying on key contributed modules.

You can read the whole Drupal article here.