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Node reference create for Drupal 6 CCK Node reference field

Nov 17, 2008


I posted about this in relation to Drupal 5 here. Now it's time to do this with Drupal 6...

Let's recap: Node reference field allows you to add a link from one content item to another. You add the reference to another existing node when you create a node with a nodereference field. The node being referenced must exist in order for this to work.

This bit of code lets you reference a non-existent node. The referenced node is created when the validation fails to find an existing node.

Some very basic code is attached. To try this, put the two files in a folder in your site modules folder. (see attached files). This code has been tested with Drupal 6 and CCK 2.

Update: The download was removed from this page as someone else took the code I provided and create a Drupal.org project for it.